Google OAuth/2

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Users can be authenticated in Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server by using their Google Accounts.

This kind of authentication requires the system administrator to configure a few settings on Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server Manager and on Google Apps servers.

If you want to learn how to configure the Google Accounts Integration feature, follow the steps below:




1. A Google account is needed in order to set up the integration in the Google Web Site. This Account is used as a security assurance for the other users who will share their personal account data.


2. The users who will authenticate using this method must also have a previous Google account.


3. The Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server authentication level has to be set to Access Profiles.


Setting up the integration


1. Create a Client ID for web applications


2. Enable the Integration through the Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server Manager SSO tab.


3. Enter the e-mails that will be authenticated against Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server. This setup will be available under the Mapping tab in the Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server Manager.


4. Associate the Active Directory Users/Groups with the authorized e-mails also on the Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server Manager, in the Mapping tab also.


How to use it


1. Open a web browser and log into Google with one of the authorized accounts (step 4 above).


2. Open a new tab in the same browser instance and access Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server application from this tab, using the configured URI (e.g.: https://ThinfinityRDP/google) .


3. The application will automatically recognize you, but before connecting to Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server, it will ask permission to access your account information.


4. Press the Allow Access button, and you will be automatically authenticated against Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server and redirected to the Start Page.