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CAS is an authentication system created to provide a trusted way for an application to authenticate a user.  You can find more information about it under the link:


C# demo:


We have shipped an example demo along with Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server, to show you how to integrate Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server in a single-sign-on schema.


The website demo is accessible from the Users documents folder, under the directory \Thinfinity Remote Desktop Server Demos\CASAuth

In order to compile this application, you can use the Microsoft Visual C# Studio 2010 Express. Open the application from the menu File-Open Web Site.

You also need a CAS Server to make the integration with Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server work.


The ASP.NET login page for CAS user validation uses the oficial dot-net CAS Client and the Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server ApiKey logon feature. The first one takes care of the CAS login validation while the other one makes sure Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server validates this user.


Before running the demo you need to modify three things:


1.In the login.aspx.cs, replace the CASHOST value with the URL of the CAS server.


// Local specific CAS host

private const string CASHOST = "https://casserver/";


2.On the Default.aspx.cs replace the URL in dhc.Init(“...”) with the URL of the Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server.




3.Finally, on the Default.aspx page, replace the first part of the URL specified as the iframe source (src) with the URL of the Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server without removing the “/asp/? *<%=encQuery%>”, which is needed for the ApiKey validation.


<iframe src="https://localhost:8443/asp/?*<%=encQuery%>"></iframe>



NOTE: In order to use CAS you have to configure Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server to use SSL encryption (HTTPS connection) and use a valid certificate, trusted by the CAS server. The same is true for the CAS server which needs to be accessible via an HTTPS connection and present a valid or trusted certificate by the server where Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server is running.


Remember also to map the CAS users to the Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server users in order to make the integration work properly.